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As we are starting to feel the winter cold creeping upon us, we all begin to crave a sense of warmth. Of course, the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 lockdown, on top of the winter bleakness, makes us long for a sense of homeliness and cosiness even more.

How can you achieve this with colour in your home? Let’s explore a few options and colours.


Being confined to one’s home at the present time gives you the perfect opportunity for considering painting your interior walls. A great option here is to paint a room in a soft fairly neutral colour and then have one wall which you paint in an accent colour.

Consider your living room. Now imagine the walls painted in a soft welcoming colour like Olympic Paints’ Natural Elegance Wild Orchid. Add an accent wall to that picture in your mind and make it a warm and cosy colour such as Exotic Earth.

There are several colour combination options which can work very well. Have a look at our paint colours and tell us what your favourite combinations are.


Another option for bringing colour into your room is through h décor. This is a less-permanent option which allows you to make seasonal colour changes to your interior with, for example, scatter cushions, curtains and throws. The secret here is to keep the main colour scheme in your interior very neutral – neutral furniture, walls, etc. and introduce colour accents into this space with the addition of small, well chosen décor items.

Let us know how you have spruced up your home for winter by posting some of your interior images and colour combinations on our Facebook Page.

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